Dear Client:

Thank you for visiting our website.

We would like to inform you that Maximum Group (operated by ICI Investments Ltd.) has ceased all business activities, effective July 20, 2015. We ask that you submit payment of any outstanding balances to Boudreau Albert Savoie (“BAS”), the agent that is currently responsible for collection for Maximum Group, by August 21, 2015. You may make your payment at the BAS office or mail a cheque to:

Maximum Group (ICI Investments Ltd.)
C/O Boudreau Albert Savoie
Chartered Professional Accountants
654, boul. Malenfant Blvd., Suite 101
Dieppe, NB
E1A 5V8

We want to assure you that your information is protected and confidentiality will be maintained throughout this process. BAS is happy to discuss your future accounting needs as it is a full service Chartered Professional Accounting firm.  A transition plan has already been agreed upon by BAS in order to ensure that there is no interruption of service and no risk of missing any tax filing deadlines for any prior client of Maximum Group, should you provide your approval to proceed with this pre-arranged transition.

If you need to contact us, please call 506-857-0262 or email at


Maximum Group